As with all Sacraments of the Catholic Church, Marriage requires spiritual preparation and as such, we request at least six months of preparation time.

Wedding Times

Saturday at 11:30 AM or 1:30 PM.


Fees for the Church are determined on parishioner status.

  • Active Registered Parishioners:  $750
  • Out of the Diocese/Not Active: $1,250

Music fees are included.  A deposit may be required.  All fees are to be paid 90 days prior to the wedding.  You will need to contact our Music Coordinator, Paul Gutweniger at 407-855-5391; Ext. 266, to discuss music for the wedding.

An active registered parishioner is an individual who is registered at the Church and who has been active in Time, Talent, and Treasure for a minimum of one year prior to reservation of the wedding date.  The determination if one is an active parishioner is made at the point of scheduling the date and is based upon regular Mass attendance, volunteer work in Parish Ministries and financial contribution through regular and consistent use of Parish envelopes, checks and/or online giving, so that it is on record at the Parish.


Saying I Do: What Happens at a Catholic Wedding