(407) 859-3631

Priests/Deacons Ext. Email Address
Rev. Thomas R. Walden (Pastor)  224
Rev. Sebastian Mpango Nzabhayanga  (Parochial Vicar)  223
Rev. Carlos J. Cabán, SDB (Parochial Vicar)  283
Rev. Mr. Tom Breaud (Deacon)
Rev. Mr. Luis Abreu (Deacon)
Rev. Mr. José M. Classs (Deacon) (Baptism Coordinator) 260
Parish Office Staff Ext. Email Address
(Business Manager) 234
Valerie Flores (Pastor’s Assistant, Wedding Coordinator and bulletin editor) 301
Ingrid López (Bookkeeper)  238
Wildary Rivera (Receptionist) 221
Faith Formation Ext Email Address
Tina Shannon (Catechetical Director) 222
Fresia Gómez (Faith Formation Coordinator) 274
Jordan Trejo (Youth & Young Adults  Ministry  Coordinator) 266
Nancy Class (Administrative Assistant) 282
Liturgy Ext Email Address
 Paul Gutweniger (Music Coordinator)  303
Jen Williamson (Liturgy Coordinator) 229
Pastoral Care Ext Email Address
Sr. Elizabeth Murphy (Ministry of the Sick and Consolation Coordinator) 277
Facilities Ext Email Address
Carlos González ( Facilities Supervisor) 235