Middle School Ministry

Our Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, Jordan Trejo, will be hosting Middle School Ministry on Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm when school is in session. See below for more details about this Ministry and schedule.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns contact Jordan Trejo by e-mail (jtrejo@sjvorlando.org) or by office phone (407-855-5391 ext. 266).

Who is it for?

All 8th grade students are invited to come after school on Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:30pm. Students can come every week or less. The choice is completely up to parents and students. Students come after school and will need to sign in upon arrival. No student will be permitted to leave own their own.

What is it?

Middle School Ministry is a time for students to gather for fellowship, formation, and fun. Middle School Youth Ministry is relational ministry that builds bridges for students to be familiar with Youth Ministry and prepares students to join High School Youth Ministry after they leave St. John Vianney School.

Middle School Youth Ministry should be considered an after-school activity with a purpose – to form young missionary disciples.

How do we stay updated?

Regular updates and reminders will be sent out using the online application, “Remind.” This is the easiest way for both students and parents to stay up to date on Middle School Youth Ministry. To register for Remind follow these steps:

  1. Log on to: remind.com
  2. Create a log in and password
    • Students and parents both can create log-in info.
  3. Click enroll in a class
  4. When prompted use the Class Code: “@sjvsmsm” to enroll.

Do we have to pay?

There is no commitment or fee to attend. Students have an open invitation all year to be involved with Middle School Ministry. 

What can we expect?  

1st Wednesday: Sacrament – These afternoons will follow the LifeTeen model (Gather, Proclaim, Break, Send) These afternoons will be catechetical and instruct on various topics of the faith.

2nd Wednesday: Social – These afternoons will build community through games, ice breakers, and group activities. There will be discussion components to these afternoons to help students process lessons taught through fun activities.

3rd Wednesday: Scripture and Snacks – These afternoons will focus on the upcoming weekends’ Gospel Readings. Students who come to these session will dive into scripture, reflection, and the faith. There will be snacks!

4th Wednesday: Saintly Stories – Using Formed and other media, these afternoons will highlight a Saint in the Catholic Church. The goal is to build this afternoon to include 8th grade students sharing part of their own story – giving a small 3-5 minute witness talk on a predetermined topic.

What should we not expect?

Middle School Youth Ministry is not After-School Care (Alpha). While Middle School Youth Ministry is not an elective class or structured like a classroom – it is also not part of the PM ALPHA program offered at the school.

We know our Youth are involved with many different activities after school – like sports, clubs, drama, music lessons. Middle School Youth Ministry is not trying to replace any of that – it is meant to contribute towards the many aspects of formation in young people’s lives. There are many wonderful activities to get involved with outside of school and we encourage all of those things; we also encourage students to participate in their faith outside the context of school.

Where will my student go afterwards?

Middle School Ministry will end at 3:30 pm. Parents are welcome to pick up their students at 3:30 pm after the meeting is over. Any students that remain at Middle School Ministry after 3:45 pm will be walked to and checked into PM ALPHA. The drop-in rate for PM ALPHA is $5.00 per hour. If students attend PM ALPHA for more than two days – families will be charged the weekly rate.

*Important – Any student who goes to ALPHA must be pre-registered with ALPHA. So if parents/guardians are not able to pick students up by 3:45 pm then registration with ALPHA is strongly suggested.

*If your student is currently registered for this school year with PM ALPHA there is no need to re-register.

This sounds great, how do I get involved?

Parents/Guardians who want to get involved with Middle School Ministry are most welcome! Anyone over the age of 15 who volunteers with Middle School Ministry will need to complete Diocesan Safe Environment Training (online) and be fingerprinted and FBI background check prior to attending Middle School Ministry. Contact Jordan Trejo by e-mail (jtrejo@sjvorlando.org) or call (407-855-5391) the church office for more details regarding volunteering with Middle School Ministry.

Access the Middle School Ministry calendar: HERE