Faith Formation


What is G.I.F.T.?

G.I.F.T. stands for Generation in Faith Together.  It is our approach to life long faith formation for everyone at St. John Vianney Parish.

What will G.I.F.T. be like?

Each monthly session will provide a dynamic, engaging, and interactive faith experience for all ages.

What happens at G.I.F.T.?

At G.I.F.T. you will have the opportunity to grow in your faith, share your faith, and celebrate your faith through live music, videos, activities, shared prayer, reflection, and formation.

Who comes to G.I.F.T.?

G.I.F.T. is for everyone; Young Adults and Senior Adults; Couples and Empty Nest Households; Single and Married; Families with Children.

What’s in it for me?

G.I.F.T. provides an opportunity for you to grow in faith with your family, build new friendships, come together as parish community, and enjoy life long faith formation.

When do we meet?

G.I.F.T. occurs once a month on Sunday.  Each session begins in the Parish Community Center.


$120 for the year.  Fee includes wife and/or husband, children and any adult children over the age of 18.  This fee also includes sacramental preparation.