Parish Council

Executive Committee:
Pastor Rev. Thomas Walden
President Megan Rossi
Secretary Patrice Guy
School Principal Ms. Mary Catherine Marshall
Representatives from the Finance Committee:  Henry Reyes
Representatives from the Facilities Committee:
Representatives from the Stewardship Committee:  Stewart Marquina
Representative from the 5 Year Planning Committee:  Mike Iwuc
Pastor Rev. Thomas Walden
Associate Pastor Rev. Carlos J. Cabán, SBD
Associate Pastor Rev. Sebastian Mpango
Deacon Tom Breaud
Pastoral Care Sr. Elizabeth Murphy
Faith Formation Tina Shannon
Pastor Appointee Eric Rodriguez
Education/Faith Formation Linda Radosevich
Faith Formation John Genzel
Liturgy David Vogelpohl
Liturgy  Nancy Genzel
Hispanic  Francisco (Paco) Mendez
Service Brian Fitzgerald
Service Bruce Hicks